Ergonomic home wares that take the effort out of doing the housework, gardening, window cleaning, pruning, mowing, weeding and much more.  While working with clients struggling to manage their daily activities the directors of OPS identified a need for a catalogue specialising in the supply of ergonomic equipment that would enable our clients to independently manage the housework and gardening and so      Ergo-Wares┬« was born.
So what is so different about Ergo-Wares?
All Ergo-Wares products have been selected because we believe that they can reduce the effort required to complete those heavy and mundane everyday chores hence enabling our clients to maintain their independence and safety in the home and garden.
Want to know more?
Simple just call our office and talk to one of our therapists and we will arrange for a catalogue to be sent.
Products include:
ÔÇó  Enviromower and edger attachment
ÔÇó  Light weight whipper snipers and trimmers 
ÔÇó  Gutter cleaning equipment ÔÇö no more ladders
ÔÇó  Electric and battery Hedge trimmers and pruners
ÔÇó  High reach tools for changing light bulbs and dusting etc
ÔÇó  Ergonomic vacuums
ÔÇó  Window cleaning equipment
ÔÇó  Telescopic pruners
ÔÇó  Telescopic gardening tools
ÔÇó  Garden kneelers
ÔÇó  Ergonomic Secateurs
ÔÇó  Weeding tools
ÔÇó  Ergonomic wheel barrows
ÔÇó  Ergonomic cleaning equipment
ÔÇó  Steam mops