Current Services
Since commencing business in 2001 our services have slowly expanded to meet our customers needs so that we are now able to offer our clients a range of Return to Work and Medical and Like Services in both Metropolitan and Regional Victora.

Return to work services
Our Return to Work services assist client's to return to or remain at work with their injury employer. Our focus is on early intervention and maintaining injured worker's at work. All OPS staff has extensive experience in conducting Work Place Assessments, formulating Return to Work Plans and developing Offers of Suitable Employment.

Medical and like services
Our Medical and Like services assist client's to maintain their safety and independence in the performance of their daily activities within the home and community.

Driver Assessments
Injury and disability may impair a client's ability to drive. Fortunately for most clients this incapacity is short term and they resume driving without the need for any therapeutic intervention. However some clients experience ongoing problems and are unable to resume driving for a range of reasons. These clients often rely on others including family, friends and taxis for their transport needs.
This reliance not only adds to the clients feelings of dependency but can result in an increased financial burden for clients and third parties including WorkSafe and the TAC. But don't despair help is at hand.
OPS has two VicRoads Accredited and highly experienced Occupational Therapist's available to conduct Occupational Therapy Driver Assessments and retraining programs in both Metropolitan and Regional Victoria.
One of the directors of OPS, Dianne Cooper, assists LaTrobe University as a tutor for their Driver Training course for Occupational Therapists wanting to expand their skills into this area of practice.
The Driver Assessment is divided into three parts including.
1. A medical assessment
Prior to the assessment clients will need to provide a medical report from their doctor or specialist that shows they are medically fit to undergo the assessment.
2. An off-road assessment
The Therapist will ask the client about their driving history, assess their physical, visual, sensory and thinking abilities and test their road law knowledge
3. An on-road assessment
The initial on-road test will occur in a dual control vehicle and involve an assessment of the client on a preset route. Where needed assessments for vehicles other than a car, such as truck and motorbike will be arranged at a later date pending the outcome of the initial on road assessment.

Driving Retraining Program
At the completion of the assessment some clients may benefit from participation in a Driver Retraining Program, DRP, to maximise their independence. This would normally include support from a driving school and further retests by the therapist to ensure that the client has integrated the use of any vehicle modifications and or retraining strategies.

Occupational Therapy Worksite Assessment
This streamlined one off service assists key stake holders in the identification of suitable duties to aid in the formulation of a return to work plan and offers of suitable employment without the added costs often associated with Occupational Rehabilitation services.

Worksafe Household Help Assessments 

Our assessment involves a thorough clinical evaluation of the client's ability to complete the specified tasks including the Housework, Gardening and Firewood. When appropriate strategies are identified to maximise the clients independence in the completion of the task. In all cases feedback is obtained from the treating doctor regarding any recommendations.
One of the Directors of OPS, Joseph Cooper-Nolan, was contracted by WorkSafe in 2003 to assist in the development of the guidance material for Occupational Therapist's conducting WorkSafe Household Help Assessments. So when you refer to OPS you can be assured that our staff will ensure that the client's ability to complete the task is thoroughly assessed, strategies identified to maximise the client's independence and relevant WorkSafe guidelines applied to all recommendations.

Functional Education Program, FEP, and Assistive Equipment Trial, AET
At the completion of the assessment some client's are deemed to be a suitable candidate for participation in a Functional Education Program, (FEP) including an Assistive Equipment Trial, AET. The aim of the FEP is to assist the client to increase their productivity within the home and garden thereby increasing their independence, safety and feelings of self worth.

Attendant care Assessment
Clients who require attendant care services have complex needs that require the skills of an experienced and skilled practitioner. OPS are able to confidently offer our clients our expert advice in dealing with these complicated issues.

Home Modification Assessment
Whether its minor modifications to a bathroom including a rail of hand held shower or extensive home modifications OPS can help from the initial assessment right up to the completion of the project.


Seating and Bedding Assessment
Clients often report difficulties with sleeping and sitting. However these problems are often far more complex then they first appear and a thorough assessment is a good start to unravelling the problem and identifying possible solutions. Solutions can range from clients improving their sleep hygiene to the provision of a customised chair.

Wheelchair and Scooter Assessment
Clients with chronic and complex health problems can return to independence within their local community through the use of an appropriate scooter or motorised wheelchair. However with today's endless scooter options and features clients are often left wondering which scooter is the most appropriate choice to meet their complex needs. Our highly experienced staff can help clients navigate their way through this complex area and identify suitable options.

Trans Electrical Nerve Stimulation, TENS, trials
Clients with chronic pain can achieve a reduction in their pain, reduced reliance on medication and reduced treatment through the use of TENS. This amazing device once confined to the treatment rooms of physical therapist's is now so advanced that the unit can be clipped onto the belt and worn with no-one the wiser.
This service provided at our clinic includes an introduction to the use of TENS, in-house demonstration and trial and a two week home trial. At the completion of the home trial a follow-up session is conducted at our clinic and recommendations made.